Monthly Mayan Calendar
6th Jan
star-tetrahedron 64

How to read the Calendar Information

Click on a month, in the boxes above, to see any particular month day-by-day.

Then in each day of the one-month display - like the example illustrated on the right - the Mayan long-count is shown at the top, with the Gregorian date just below it. After that is the Tzolkin date, using the bar-dot code used by the Maya: dot = 1, bar = 5. The example used here is 12 (Lahca). This refers to the tonal energy of the 13-day flow.

Then the sacred Sun or glyph for the Tzolkin date is shown; the example used here is Kan. See reference table for definitions.

The glyph colours represent the Mayan understanding of the four direction energies, which relate to the four races of human.

Also given is the current day-number in the Tzolkin cycle of 260.

Where it appears, the star tetrahedron indicates a portal day (dark squares on the Tzolkin), indicating access to higher energies.

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