Tuesday 26 March 2019
The Moon is nearly at the third quarter.
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Dreamspell calculator

Tzolkin: Ho (5) Caban (XVII)
Red Overtone Earth
We empower in order to evolve. Commanding synchronicity, we seal the matrix of navigation with the overtone tone of radiance. We are guided by the power of life force.
Haab: 13 Pax (XVI)
Year bearer: Can (4) Kan (IV)
Gregorian: Friday 4th June 2010 AD
Julian: Friday 22nd May 2010 AD
Julian day: 2455352

Date Calculator
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How to use the Mayan date calculator:

Adjust the values for one representation of the date, then click the corresponding "Apply" button (on the same line). The whole page will then be updated by the web-server, so that the other values shown agree with the ones you've adjusted.

Dates before about 1582 AD are usually given in the Julian count, as this count was replaced by the Gregorian around that time. This calculator shows both Julian and Gregorian dates.

The "days added" window shows the number of days since the previously displayed date. (It will be negative if the previously shown date was later than the currently shown one.) Clicking on "Subtract" (without changing the value) will set the calculator to the previously displayed date; clicking on "Add" will add on that many days again.

For example, if you set the Gregorian date to your date-of-birth, and click on the adjacent "Apply" button, the page will be redisplayed to show your birth-date in Mayan form. If you then click on "Set today's date", the page will be redisplayed to show today's date, and the "days added" window will show how old you are, in days.

The "Reset" button removes any alterations you have made on the current display; but unlike the other buttons, it does not send any request to the web-server.

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